My Expertise

Through my profession as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I have had the pleasure of working with HUNDREDS of families to increase the quality of life of both the child and their caregiver. I have also...

  • Managed and helped to expand a regional office where I was the leading supervisor for an interdisciplinary team providing treatment plans for children with disabilities.
  • Taught specialized college courses in applied behavior analysis techniques for future teachers and educators. 
  • Written, personally implemented and supervised toilet training methods with HUNDREDS of families. 
  • Specialized training in feeding therapy through California State University Sacramento and ongoing training in the most up to date toilet training practices and techniques. 
  • Supervised and led: Group and individual parent training sessions, socialization groups for children, parent coaching sessions, in-home ABA therapy, and school based consultation for children and educators. My extensive schooling and experience allows me to be able to be your child's advocate or help coach you to be their advocate while collaborating with their team (which can sometimes be intimidating!).
  • Developed and presented informational trainings for over 200+ trainees regarding applied behavior analysis techniques. I posses the ability to train parents and caregivers of varying backgrounds/educational levels and am able to individualize plans depending on YOUR ability to implement them functionally!
  • Experience working and collaborating with other professionals to ensure "the whole child" is being treated, including: pediatricians, neurologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, teachers, etc. I can help implement plans previously recommended but have failed and/or model or modify plans to better suite you and your child's life/daily routines.